• How I work with you

    When it comes to CRM, nothing excites me more than helping an organization achieve their objectives. This questionnaire allows me to spend the time with you discussing, strategizing and implementing processes that can't be automated in your CRM program until you have a firm grasp of the results you want to achieve.

  • Your success is critical to mine.

    First off, I work with you and your staff. I do not “farm you out” to a junior member and then move on to close the next prospect. It would be serious violation of trust to do something like that, plus it wouldn't be too smart. You get me, a trusted CRM advisor. We'll work together as if we were business partners, because your success is critical to mine.

  • What should you be focused on above anything else?

    My expertise and the time I take will allow the both of us to evaluate and prioritize exactly what has to be done. Together, we'll identify the problems and then design the best possible CRM solution. One thing that you will notice right off the bat: I won't simply copy your spreadsheets into a CRM program. That is a prescription for disaster.

  • How is what I do different from everyone else you've talked to?

    Unlike many CRM consultants and vendors, I've grown up in the sales and marketing fields with everything from start- ups to some of the most admired companies in North America. I've actually felt the pressure of making payroll, making the numbers, raising capital, managing staff in remote locations and knowing that I had to make this program work or that customer happy or else. Regardless of the business size and the pressure you and your organization are under, I come armed with a deep knowledge of solutions. What this means for you is that I will design something that you will know without a doubt will work.

  • Set Up and Implementation.

    Once we've designed your CRM process, I'll work side by side with you and your team as we setup and implement each piece of the system. Once you and your team are comfortable with what we've done, your [program administrator will be able to run it. In fact, we'll work hand in hand until we reach that level of ability and comfort. If you prefer not to drive the bus, I'll be happy to remain involved in the on-going management of your CRM system. No matter which way we go, for once, you'll truly have a choice.

  • What are the most important things I'll do for you?

    I'll leave you with tools and strategies to achieve and maintain complete control over the future of your CRM and how it will dramatically affect the success of your business, or at least of the things you can control. You'll know exactly how CRM will manage pipelines; account acquisition and retention…even describe your ideal clients. You'll know how to target and qualify them. You'll know which numbers to watch this month and how they will accurately predict success three to six months from now. You'll know that the inefficiency of not having a CRM process control of your business has been wrung out and washed down the drain. You'll know, perhaps for the first time, that there is a CRM roadmap to follow, and you'll have the tools and strategies to follow it.